ToolsRus bringing efficiency and safety to the oil field one well at a time.....
ToolsRus bringing efficiency and safety to the oil field one well at a time.....

Rotary Head Speed Sling or Clamp

Astonishingly 70% of all reportable accidents are hand and finger injuries.
Over 50% of all hand and finger reportable accidents occur while nippling up and down.
Impact resistant gloves have reduced the number of finger and hand reportable accidents but have created a false sense of security when dealing with the crushing forces present when nippling up and down.

Rotary Safety Sling greatly reduces the risk associated with removing and replacing the Rotary Control Device (RCD) bearing, from the tool joint, by mechanically controlling the entire process.

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"The Rotary Head Speed Clamp saved 45 minutes on average every time we have removed and replaced the rotary head !!"

Rolling Bearing Insertion System

Designed for durability and ease of handling

Anti-Rotation Device

Allows for greater safety in use

Interchangable Catch Tooth

Multiple units are available