ToolsRus bringing efficiency and safety to the oil field one well at a time.....
ToolsRus bringing efficiency and safety to the oil field one well at a time.....

STI Pump Card™ - A Predictive Software                 for horizontal and vertical wells

STIPumpCard™ is powerful and user-friendly software for simulating dynamic behaviors of pump jacks. It is capable of predicting the behavior of a wide range of wells.

STIPumpCard™ can simulate both vertical and deviated wells, it is also capable of estimating pump loading based on surface loading.

STIPumpCard™ produces a number of plots, including Dynamometer Cards, Fatigue Life predictions, Compressive Load distribution, Speed Reducer Torque and Rod Side Forces. STIPumpCard™ also predicts other parameters such as the minimum required Motor Power and required speed reducer torque rating. Additionally, STIPumpCard™ is capable of predicting a wide range of phenomena such as fluid pound, gas interference and gas locking.

STIPumpCard™ also allows the user to specify different upstroke/downstroke stroke rates (SPM) as well as different upstroke/down stroke damping factors, for more accurate predictions.

The user can save input information and load the project later or pass it on to another user. After each simulation, the input and simulated output data and figures are automatically stored in a project folder.

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