ToolsRus bringing efficiency and safety to the oil field one well at a time.....
ToolsRus bringing efficiency and safety to the oil field one well at a time.....

                Tubing Drain for your well

Tubing drain Rupture Disk is a tool specially designed to
equalize the pressures between the tubing and annulus by over-pressurizing the tubing string to a pre-set point. When
this pressure is reached the drained system is activated
breaking the rupture disk allowing the communication
between the Tubing and the casing through the port in the
nipple. The rupture disc assembly contains a 7/8" opening
Appropriate production practices include Tubing Drain
Rupture Disk as standard equipment in all wells, to eliminate the potential hazards associated with pulling wet tubing
strings. Tubing Drain Rupture Disk comes in a variety of burst pressures from 2500 psi to 8500 psi, and require the tubing to
be pressured up to blow the disc and drain the tubing.
• Activation pressure adjustable in different ranges
• System tested to guarantee the activation point
• Easy and quick installation
• Reduced downtime
• Less cost of intervention
• Reliable and easy to use

See the Tubing Drain in Action

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Tubing Drain allows effect removal of damaged downhole equipment
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